General questions
Account registration at Hallpick is only required if you want to Rate, Review and want to receive updates. This ensures a valid communication channel between Hallpick and its users.
Currently, we dont have a dedicated mobile app, however our site is mobile, desktop and tablet compatible.
Yes, you can.All you have to do is to go the the page of Account Confirmation.
For Business
Any user, who owns or represents a business of Venus/Hall, Photography, Catering , Jewellery or Clothing & Accessories, which is genuine and appealing, can add its business and list it on Hallpick.
The steps involved in this process are really simple. All you need to do is:
  • Visit the Add your Business page
  • Provide few basic details like Name, Address and Contact details(including email) of your business.
  • You will receive an Email with your new account details.Login with the details and add the remaining details(images, videos etc).
  • Submit the details, so that we can quickly review it.
  • The final step is the approval step, which usually takes about 24 hours and your business is available on
There are many benefits after a Listing goes Live, such as:
  • You can visit your account and get all the reviews given by the users
  • You can visit your account and Reply back to the user reviews
  • Can add or edit any information - images, videos, contact details , address and more, whenever you want
  • Preview your Live page and see how it looks like to the users around the world.
  • If you are a Premium user, you can also create/edit/update/delete custom Packages, Promotions and Announcement for the customers.
No, You dont need to pay anything unless you want to have more content like Images, Videos, Promotions/Offers, Packages and Priority Search Results position on every search. By Default, you can upload a 3-5 picture without any Premium Subscription needed.
To get more content, you must become a Premium user and opt for a premium Subscription, This comes with many benefits, such as:
  • Every Premium Listing gets eligible for Priority Search Results position, which means whenever someone searches, your listing will be shown on the first page, depending upon total number of Premium Listings available.
  • Moreover, A Premium Listing is shown first than the Non-Premium/Default listings
  • You can add more Pictures, Videos and also create Promotions/Offers, Packages and personalized Announcement.
  • Our Premium Subscription starts merely from 799/- Rupees which includes Quarterly, Half Yearly and Yearly validity.
The best way to transfer funds is via our Payment Gateway for Registered users. This secure platform ensures a secure environment for online transactions.Moreover you can even approach your bank to make a transfer.Contact us for more details.
You can Cancel the Premium Subscription, but we dont recommend as we dont have any Refund policy and suggest to enjoy your Subscription which starts at just 799/- only.
When the Premium subscription gets expired, you will no longer be able to enjoy the premium benefits, such as:
  • Your business listing will now be a free listings and will be shown to the users depending upon the total number of listings and distance.
  • You will again get limited content uploads which defaults to 5 pictures only.The Premium uploads like videos, Promotions/Offers, Packages and Announcement will be deactivated but can be reactivated again by upgrading to any Premium Plan.
  • After Upgrading to any Premium plan, you can again start adding new content anytime, anywhere
  • All inactive uploads are auto-deleted after a period of 3 months and this is a non-reversable and non-recoverable process which causes permanent deletion of your uploads