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If you're looking for high visibility and increased traffic of customers, our Premium plans can help you.By becoming a Premium User, Your Listing is Featured everytime on the first page of Search Results and its easy to add more Content to your Listings like Pictures, Videos and target more customers with Promotions/Offers, Packages and Announcements. We do have multiple Plans for you which starts from just 799/- INR, ranging from Quarterly, Half Yearly and Yearly validity.

Get Featured : Premium businesses are incuded in Featured listings, which is always displayed above all Free listings.This ensures that you get Priority Search Results Position.

You only pay for the space : With more content, you need more space for pictures, videos and other data.

Get more Customers : On, Customers find your Listing by location, Events, Ratings and Comments and More. They then view your listing with photos, videos, menus, ratings, comments and more.But when you become a Premium Customer, your Listing is featured prominently at the top of the search results and receives about 100%-400% more traffic on average.

Your leads go directly to you : As a Premium Customer, yor Listing is featured prominently at the top of the search results. Hence, Interested planners can search and contact you directly via phone or email.Our aim is to match planners with your Listing - that's it!.We're not a middleman and never get in the way, but once a customer finds you, we're out of the picture.

Increased Marketing : Draw in more customers by creating Customized Packages, tailored Announcements, User replies, attractive Offers/Promotions and User callback feature.

Get Analytics(Beta) : Get the Analytical data required for your business to help you deliver deep understanding, or insights, into your user base which includes page views per day/month/quarter and lifetime.Its a new Feature and more will be added in the coming days.All this is absolutely free for you .

One Email for all : You can register multiple Listings with just one email, isn't that great!

To avail Premium Subscription, you must Add your Business with us.

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